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Why the Total Eclipse above?  I took this photo about 25km north of Bucharest on 11th August 1999, where we got a good viewing.  See more - shame about Cornwall....

Sometimes during an eclipse, the moon is too far away to cover the Sun's disc completely.  Such an occasion was the Annular Eclipse of 3rd October 2005, which I witnessed during a cycling holiday in Spain.

WARNING In 2013, I was diagnosed with possible sun damage to my right eye - despite wearing the recommended glasses whilst viewing these eclipses.  This seems strange owing to the passing of over 13 years, but it does look like such damage takes time to become apparent.  In my case, a developing cataract highlighted it.

Total lunar eclipses, though not so spectacular, occur more frequently and can be seen from anywhere that the moon is visible.   Often, light is refracted by the earth's atmosphere to create a 'blood moon'.  This is due to red light being refracted more than other colours, as in a prism.
There was a good one the night of 3rd - 4th March 2007 - see here.

Further on matters astronomical, check out Celestia - a fantastic solar system (and further afield) simulator that runs under Windows.  The best part is that it's free!!  You'll need a good graphics card, but otherwise it works reasonably well on an 800MHz machine.  If you get into using its script files to re-run eclipses, etc, you will need a Julian Date calculator.  My version, which was cribbed from the US Navy's site, also works in timezones east of London(?!?) - see more.

I bought an old Stylophone in 2017 - look what I found inside...

Want an accurate clock?  Click here for an explanation of why the US government's official clock doesn't necessarily display the correct time for your local timezone.  Also included is a link to a very useful site that can display an accurate clock within an IFRAME on your own website.

Have a look here for other utilities I have amassed..

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