Steve's Utilities Page

Welcome to a bunch of utilities I've gathered together.  These will probably increase in number as time progresses...

  1. Polynomial Equation Solver
    This can deal with up to 10th order polynomials.  If you only want a straight quadratic (2nd order) solution, this pretty little Flash program will do it.
  2. Julian Date Calculator
    Calculate Julian Date, Calendar Date, UNIX time or Microsoft File Time from one of these to all the others.
  3. Email Address Scrambler
    Hide email addresses on your web pages from spambots, while maintaining full 'click to email' functionality.
  4. Belt and Pulley size calculator
    Calculate belt length from pulley diameter and distance between centres.  Also does chains (and to a limited extent, gearboxes).
  5. Horizontal Scrollbar Restorer
    Allows use of 800*600 resolution (so you can read writing on the page!) to view pesky hi-res websites that have disabled their horizontal scrollbars.
  6. Generate a short URL using Bitly
    Allows you to bypass Bitly's flab - and you can test the result works!.
  7. Reduce your Joomla or Wordpress website's vulnerability to hackers.
    Make access to private parts of your Wordpress website more difficult, remove any means of finding who your authors are, and catch any attempt to inject malicious code from the URL bar.
  8. Hide comments properly using PHP.
    Allow a default PHP page to be displayed on a local machine that doesn't have a PHP interpreter.